Sai Baba New Jersey
Shri Sai himself explained the importance of Charity in the 14th chapter of Shri Sai Satcharita. The meaning of explanation stated in the chapter is that, “Charity accepted by Shri Saibaba means devotees mind purity and ruin their sin ’’. Baba asked for Charity to relieve the common devotee from the pit of temptation and to safeguard the interest of him It is the advice that, “Show the pity, Give the Charity, control yourself & you will be happy.” In this way Baba advised common people through Charity. In persuasion of that philosophy, Nori foundation Inc accepts donation for various purpose.
We appeal to all devotees to donate generously and all donations are tax deductible and no amount is small. We accept donations to help and support different activities that are conducted at the Sai Center. The amount of donation is used for the daily administration of the Sai Center, to perform Annadanam, time to time renovation of the Sai Center, promoting community service, conducting charity, children programs like Balvikas, free dance classes, music classes, Yoga classes, free vaccinations for children and seniors, conducting medical camps for senior citizens and parents visiting from India etc., These donations are accepted in the form of cash, personal checks, Postal Orders; debit/credit cards (Visa or Master Card) via PayPal and also in the form of articles and commodities.
All checks should be made payable to Sai Mandir USA.
Sai Ram, Thank you for your donation
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