Message for Sai Devotees

Sai devotees can use St Cecelia Church parking behind Sai Center on only Thursdays. All parking lot users are expected to follow all rules of the road and traffic and should be courteous and friendly to church authorities while using the parking. Sai Center is not liable for any lost or stolen property or damage to your vehicle as its only friendly gesture from Church authorities.

Free Yoga Classes
Sai Center is organizing free Yoga classes for Sai devotees on every Saturday from 8:00Am to 10:00 AM in the Sai center Dance hall in the down stairs. Interested devotees should enroll at the front desk to avail the opportunity and one should bring their need to bring your own Yoga matt.

  • Please park your cars in the designated parking areas and avoid double parking, near a fire hydrant or fire lane.
  • More parking is available on the rear side street of the Sai Center and on Thursdays you can use the church parking.
  • Our Sai Center neighbors are very friendly and supportive of us; Please do not block their drive ways during parking and be considerate and polite to them.
  • Please do not enter or exit the mandir suddenly on to main road being a busy state highway (route 27) as it a road hazard.
  • Allow pedestrians to cross the mandir premises first for safety reasons.
  • Please keep your shoes in the shoe rack and do not leave on the floor.
  • Do not stick any bulletins or bills on the walls and do not leave any flyers without management’s permission.
  • Management permission is required for anyone to post flyers or bills.
  • Please maintain absolute silence in the prayer hall and avoid chatting or meetings especially during the commencement of Aartis.
  • Please control your children inside the Mandir and its parent’s responsibility to retrain children from running or jumping the prayer hall.
  • Please form queues for Baba’s darshan and do not cut lines.
  • Do not access to Baba’s idol after Sheja aarti and maintain silence.
  • Do not eat Prasad in the main hall or drop on the carpet.
  • Please use trash cans for trash and do not drop on the premises.
  • Please be courteous and friendly to fellow devotees.
  • Do not lit lamps or Insense sticks near any Sannidhi and do not pour oil on any idols including Navagraha.
  • Please do not use cell phones or any equivalent devices in the prayer hall.
  • Being our tradition and culture please be considerate to seniors, ladies and children.
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