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8:30 AM -9:00 PM

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Kakad Aarti 08:30 AM Madhyana Aarti 12:00 Noon Dhoop Aarti 06:00 PM Shej Aarti 08:30 PM

Sai Center

Sai Services
About Presiding Deity of Shirdi Sai Center
The presiding deity is Sri Shirdi Sai Baba, a saint of the present century of Indian origin practiced multi religious philosophies of Hinduism, Christianity and Muslim religion advocating oneness of God – Baba pledged to the suffering humanity, material success happiness and prosperity through His eleven solemn promises. The efficacy of Baba’s pledge for alleviation of the distress of mankind and fulfillment of their wants is well established.

His magnificent marble statue, which is 6- ft high and sculptured over base rock of 4ft wide, weighing approximately three tons, with all the silver ornaments i.e. throne, crown, umbrella, makaratoranam, swastiks and lions has been installed. The installation of this life size statue, (Idol) an exact replica of the one at Shirdi, which is carved by same family, world-renowned Pembarthi artisans from India was and inaugurated in Iselin, NJ on 01st March 2008.

Other Deities at Sai CenterApart from our presiding deity Sri Sai Baba other deities established are Ganesha Sannidhi, Balaji Sannidhi, Shiva Sannidhi, Ram Pariwar, Durga Matha, Lakshmi Matha, Hanuman Sannidhi, Murugan Sannidhi, Lord Krishna Sannidhi, Ayyappan Sannidhi, Navagraha Sannidhi etc.,

Sai Baba Iselin New Jersey
Aartis to Sri Sai Baba

Every day four Aartis are offered to Baba at particular timings of the day. A typical day starts with morning Aarti called Kakad Aarti at 8:30 AM which is also called as wakeup Aarti to Baba. After the Aarti holy bath is given to Baba which is otherwise called as abhishekam with Rudram (Rudrabhishekam) and food is served to Baba and distributed to all devotees. Other Aartis are given at 12:00 noon (Madhyana Aarti), 6:00 PM (Dhoop Aarti) and 8:30 PM Sheja Aarti (Baba is put to sleep).

Special events, including Pujas, festivals, including date/time

New Year (of people of all languages) Celebrations, Shiva Rathri, Sri Rama Navami, Dushera, Annakut, Baba Punyathithi, Deevali, Datta Jayanthi, Mother Theresa Birth Day, Samoohika Satyanarayana Vratam once a month, Samoohika Sai Satya Vratam once a quarter Year, Christmas etc.

The priest services and Pujas offered at Sai Center

For the convenience of devotees we offer several religious priest services at Sai Center and at devotee’s residence too. The following is list of services offered: Aksharabhyasam, Annaprasana, Naming Ceremony, House Warming Ceremony,Kalyanam (Marriage), Lakshmi Puja, Navagraha Abhishekam, Navagraha Puja, Rudrabhishekam , Sai Satya Vratam, Satyanarayana Vratam, Upanayanam (thread ceremony), Vahana Puja (car Puja), Homam (Havan) and many more . In order to serve devotees efficiently and for their convenience we offer all of above services outside the Mandir also.

Sponsorships and patronage

Several sponsorship opportunities are available for the devotees on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly like Annual and Semi-annual patron, Weekly Seva, weekly Puja, weekly garlands and flowers for Baba, Annadhanam and weekly abhishekam to various deities. Non Religious Community Service and Free programs at Sai Center Shirdi Sai Center does lot of credible community service like supplying food to old age homes and orphanage centers,   offering free yoga classes and meditation, Balvikas classes for children less than 14 years and above 6 years of age, teaching different Indian languages to children, Talks by experts on Hinduism, Discourses by very famous Saints from India, Dance classes etc., At end of the each quarter we send news letter to all registered devotees at no cost to them. All Sai Center events are communicated to Sai devotees through e-flyers from time to time.

Balvikas Iselin New Jersey
Balvikas Classes for Children

With the aim of imparting right ethics, human values and principles to the children Balvikas is started by the Shirdi Sai Center. Ethical values are nurtured by teaching good moral stories from our scriptures Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bhagawath Puranam etc. Balvikas address the spiritual needs of children and help to mold their character through our value based curriculum. Chanting Slokas and Bhajans impart spiritual health and also improve inner peace. Balvikas was started in January 2008 had 75 students then while 2009 saw the strength of 110. This year 2011, Balvikas comprises 150 students. Yoga and Pranayam is taught to calm their minds and thereby make them free from stress and peer pressure. Meditation is practiced by children helping them to increase their focus.

Also several extra-curricular activities like paintings, Essay writing, Dancing, Dramas are conducted for the overall development of the kids. Group Discussions and Public Speaking are also practiced to develop their self confidence.

Voluntary Service Program

Sai Center offers volunteering service to interested devotees at their wish. We offer voluntary service to devotees of all ages. School and College Students are issued certificates recognizing them for rendering voluntary and community service.

SAI RAM– May BABA’s blessings be with you and your family!

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